#DoingItRight: 8 Great E-mail Subject Lines

I'm a metric-minded retail manager's dream. As a consumer, I sign up for everything: point clubs, e-newsletters, subscription boxes, and  e-coupons. However, my e-mail inbox is likely enough to make a minimalist break out in a cold-sweat. Right about now, you're probably thinking: hey, I've been reading this great book: The Life-Changing magic of Tidying… Continue reading #DoingItRight: 8 Great E-mail Subject Lines

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Detroit Homecoming 2016: An Inside Perspective.

Day 1: The Brewster Wheeler Recreation Center Dinner was served at this historical recreation center on the first evening of the event to welcome the 200+ expats home. The space was transformed from a vacant building to a breathtaking space: edgy with a touch of elegance — just like Detroit. As part of the Crain Communications… Continue reading Detroit Homecoming 2016: An Inside Perspective.


Every Expert Was Once Clueless.

I often have people approach me and say things like, "I'm social media illiterate", or "I have no idea how to begin having a social presence." They laugh nervously. (ME TOO, I think.....just kidding) Most of the time, these are highly intelligent, accomplished individuals. They seem embarrassed, and somehow ashamed of the fact that they… Continue reading Every Expert Was Once Clueless.

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The Hard Sell & the Long Game in Social

What is the main purpose of Social Media Marketing for your business? Some popular answers: Sales. ROI. Revenue. (The scariest answer: I don't use social media for my business, GASP). While all eventual fruits of effective social media management-the aforementioned should not be what's in the cross-hairs initially. The first step is to create value.… Continue reading The Hard Sell & the Long Game in Social