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Lord Zucks and the Facebook Algorithm


Facebook wants to throw it back to the days when social media was about personal connections, not products and #FakeNews.


Friends and Family posts will be shown more on the News Feed and brand pages will be shown less. If you’re directly asking users to like, share, comment or tag a friend in post copy – your post will be significantly penalized, and fewer people will see it.
Your brand will reach fewer people organically if any at all. Before this change, organic reach stood at ~5% of a brand’s total following. There is speculation that it will now hover close to 0.


Organic is not dead. The days of growing your audience and getting your message out for free.99 are gone, though.  However, it’s still your digital storefront. Don’t just keep the lights on, make sure people want to come in.

Make better content.
 Litmus test: if you wouldn’t show one of your friends the content because its rad, interesting, informative, funny etc., don’t post it (without paid support).

Talk to your fans, answer their questions, pose your own. Interact. It has always been the right thing to do, but now it’s vital to your social survival.
Break out your wallet and up your ad game. This is not an option. Mark wants to separate the ‘social’ from the ‘media’. Media costs $.


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