Twitter in 10 minutes

Set profile photo, header photo & pick a theme color.

Add an emoji to your profile name.

Write an interesting bio. Include links to past and present employers and/or personal websites, portfolios etc.

Create a pinned post. Think of this as extra bio ‘real estate’.

Follow lots of (relevant) people.

When people follow you, send them a ‘thanks for the follow’ message. Ask a thoughtful question, comment on something you noticed about their profile, or make them chuckle with a GIF.

Follow those who follow you as a general guideline, but screen for spammy accounts.

4-6 times a day, tweet, retweet, quote tweets, reply to tweets or like tweets.

Participate in a tweet chat once a week. A tweet chat is a virtual meeting of sorts where there is a host, a topic, and a hashtag participants use to discuss the topic. Start with #TwitterSmarter.

Interact. Interact. Interact. Reading a book? Tweet the author. Getting awesome service at a hotel? Tweet with props to your awesome hostess.

Rinse and Repeat. You’ll own the Twitterverse in no time.

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