Every Expert Was Once Clueless.

I often have people approach me and say things like, “I’m social media illiterate”, or “I have no idea how to begin having a social presence.” They laugh nervously.

(ME TOO, I think…..just kidding)

Most of the time, these are highly intelligent, accomplished individuals. They seem embarrassed, and somehow ashamed of the fact that they haven’t mastered the art and science of Social Media. Social Media is a relatively new field, and as such, it is a dynamic one. Even the so-called ‘experts’ are learning things every day. Every hour, even.


And you might be surprised by just how clueless all of us in the social media space have been at some point, and still temporarily are, every time Google, Facebook, or most recently, Instagram, knocks us over the head with a new algorithm. Kick back and have a little laugh as I recount the things I didn’t know:

1. When I was managing my very first social media Facebook page, I thought that it didn’t matter much if a post included an image, as long as the text was on point. Check out 37 Visual Content Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2016 to see just how erroneous that thought was.

2. In one of my first meetings as a social media account manager, I had to pull a trusted friend aside and ask what (ad) copy meant. Just in case, here’s the definition.

3. One morning, I was composing a tweet on my personal account – and was completely flabbergasted because I could NOT find a way to edit it. Oh, wait…it’s because it cannot be done: Want To Edit Tweets Or Typos On Twitter? You Can’t, And Here’s Why.

4. When I was writing a boosted post one day – (for which I had selected ‘People who like your page’ as the target audience) I wrote the copy with the goal of customer acquisition. My marketing mentor, at the time, said, “If you want to acquire new customers, don’t you think you should exclude current ones from the targeting?” MERP. 

5. The first time I realized that my link wouldn’t work in an Instagram post, I was like WTF, mate, NOT TODAY. Well, it’s because links in posts aren’t clickable. But, alas — they are live in the profile section. Check out this workaround from Mashable.

6. Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird…..”Is Google starting a zoo?” Nope. Parts of an algorithm, you say? Oh, right…I knew that. (HEH)

7. My baby sister taught me how to use Snapchat. Sigh. However, I do now know how to make a sweet geo filter for an event.

So why am I telling you all these things at the risk of making myself look silly? After all, I am a big bad social strategist *brushes a little dirt off*. The take-home is this: everyone starts somewhere. Tweet: What you don’t know is not your biggest flaw, it’s what you don’t find out that will hurt you. -@missmeg. Sure, there are lots of people that will say you’re not good enough. That you’re not experienced enough. They’ll say that one thing you didn’t have the answer to reflects badly on you. That will happen. Put your blinders on. Keep going. Not sold? Take a look:

5419353_700b 2.jpg

Because every expert was once clueless. And they are now experts NOT because they started off knowing everything about their field or are infallible. In fact, the fiercely innovative & unapologetically bold are the ones that have made the most mistakes along the way. For them, their tenacity, hunger & drive led the way. Tweet: The fiercely innovative & unapologetically bold  have made the most mistakes. For the,. their tenacity, hunger & drive led the way.

Don’t know (how to do) something?

Go find out.

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