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The Hard Sell & the Long Game in Social

What is the main purpose of Social Media Marketing for your business?

Some popular answers: Sales. ROI. Revenue. (The scariest answer: I don’t use social media for my business, GASP). While all eventual fruits of effective social media management-the aforementioned should not be what’s in the cross-hairs initially.

The first step is to create value. In case I’ve lost the ‘camp bottom- liners’, listen up. I’m not against you, stay with me. You want to make money. Customers want to receive value. Repeat after me, you will make money when you create value for your customer.

Here’s 6 things you can do right now to create value with your social media presence:

Stop talking about yourself (your company).

Start by listening. Then, vary your company content with information, entertainment and lifestyle posts that will be valuable to your audience, based on what you ‘hear’.

Stop with what I call ‘the hard sell’ i.e. constant sales and product promotion.

Start by giving. Is there anything you can do to help your customer? Delight them even? Think long and hard about this.

Stop expecting immediate ROI.

Start by seeking to understand what drives ROI in the social space.  Before ROI, you must invest things other than dollars-time, effort and genuine interaction – consistently.

Do you like people who talk about themselves 24/7?  Or, telemarketers who ‘cold-call’ you? Or people who always take, take, take – but never give?

Probably not, am I right? So stop being ‘that guy’ on social media.

Because yes, you have the option of capturing a few sales right now by sheer force: being loud, obnoxious and brow-beating sales out of your customers.  But the question you want to ask yourself is this: If you keep playing the short game with your customers, will there be anyone left to sell to in the long run?

Written By: Megan Mayle

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